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SHB Fixed Income

Handelsbanken Capital Markets is Handelsbanken’s investment bank. It is responsible for Handelsbanken’s transactions in the fixed income, foreign exchange and stock markets, including macroeconomic, equity, credit and financial research, corporate finance, debt capital markets and structured products. Swedish Bonds invests in fixed income securities listed in SEK that are issued by Swedish as well as foreign issuers. The average residual duration for the fund’s investments fluctuates between two and seven years.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 65 indices and 300 bonds. Index data coverage includes:

  • SHB Swedish All Bonds, SHBI HMT56 and HMT62 SHB Swedish All Government Bonds, SHBI HMSC and HMSC13 SHB Swedish Bonds, SHBI HMSG SHB Swedish Government + Treasury Bills, SHBI HMSA, HMY1, HMSA13, HMSA50, and HMT64 SHB Swedish Government, SHBI HMSL SHB Swedish Government Inflation-Linked, SHBI HMSM, HMT63, and HMSM13 SHB Swedish Mortgage Bonds, SHBI HMTS SHB Swedish Treasury Bills, etc.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Bond Items – coupon rate, description, ISIN, liquidity type, local id, maturity date, notional face value, sector description, symbol, etc.
  • Index Items – average convexity, average coupon rate, average duration, average life, average modified duration, the average yield to maturity, cash payment (year-to-date), gross price, market capitalisation, notional face value, price index, total return, etc.


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