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Shenzhen Securities Information Company Limited (SSIC)

Shenzhen Securities Information Company Limited (SSIC), a fully owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is a leading Chinese domestic provider of financial market indices and financial information services. Appointed as the development, operating and marketing agent for the indices of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, SSIC is also the first independent index provider in mainland China market since 2002. SSIC is calculating over 350 real-time and end-of-day indices segmented by size, sector and strategy and across a wide range of asset classes, on both a standard rules-based and custom based.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts indices and constituents, including:

SZSE indices (typically focus on providing benchmarks and investable indices that are comprised of securities listed and trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange):

  • Scale Indices (SZSE Component, Component A)
  • Sector Indices (SZSE Energy, SZSE Materials)
  • Style Indices (SZSE Growth, SZSE Value)
  • Thematic Indices (SZSE Dividend, SZSE CORP Governance)
  • Strategy Indices (SZSE 100 EW, SZSE 300 EW)
  • Composite Indices (SZSE Composite Index, SZSE A Share Index)
  • Fund Indices (SZSE ETF, SZSE Lefu Fund)
  • Bond Indices (SZSE Convertible Bond, SZSE Credit Bond)

CNI indices (based on the whole China security market covering a wide variety of indices such as fixed income, currency, multi-asset, etc.):

  • Scale Indices (CNI 1000, CNI 2000)
  • Sector Indices (CNI 1000 Energy, CNI 1000 Materials)
  • Style Indices (CNI Growth, CNI Value)
  • Thematic Indices (CNI Resource, CNI Service)
  • Regional Indices (Shenzhen Press, Shenzhen Press Composite)
  • Strategy Indices (CNI-New-Fortune Analyst, CNI Performance)
  • Composite Indices (CNI A Share Index, CNI B Share Index )
  • Fund Indices (CNI Listed Fund, CNI ETF)
  • Bond Indices (CNI Treasury and Policy Bank Bond, CNI Treasury Bond)
  • Multi-Asset Indices (China Pension Fund Index, China Target Date Fund Index)
  • Global Indices (CNI SZ-HK Conect Composite Index, CNI SZ-HK Connect 100 Index )

Some of the data items available include:

  • Index Code, Bloomberg Ticker, Reuters RIC, ISIN, Index Name, Index Type, Price Index, Total Return, Base Date, Base Value, Number of Constituents, Market Capitalization, Free-Float Weight, Dividend per share, etc.

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