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Solactive GBS Indices

Solactive AG develops, calculates, and distributes financial indices for equity, bonds, and commodities. The company offers equity indexing, including Solactive, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and custom indices; bond indexing; complex and currency indexing; and solutions for ETF providers in the calculation of indicative net asset value/indicative optimized portfolio value/indicative value in the creation of portfolio composition. The Solactive Global Benchmark Series is calculated and distributed by Solactive AG Indices aim to track various segments of the global stock market and are selected and weighted according to Free Float Market Capitalization.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts the Solactive GBS Eurozone L&M Index, along with approximately 230 companies.

  • Solactive GBS Developed Markets Eurozone Large & MidCap Index PR – Price Return
  • Solactive GBS Developed Markets Eurozone Large & MidCap Index NTR – Net Total Return

Some of the data items available include:

  • Adjusted Price, Bloomberg Ticker, Capping Factor, Country Code, Country Description, Currency Code, Dividend Per Share Net, Divisor Factor in Euros, Exchange Rate, Free Float Factor, Investable Factor, Investable Market Value in Local Currency, Investable Shares Outstanding, Investable Weight in Index (Source), ISIN Code, Last Price Date, Market Value in Local Currency, Net Adjustment Factor, Net Index in Euros, Net Return, Price Index, Reuters Identification Code (RIC), Sedol Code, Shares Outstanding, Total Return, Unadjusted Price, Unadjusted Price in Local Currency, etc.

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