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S&P Compustat

S&P Capital IQ combines offerings previously provided by Capital IQ and S&P, including enterprise solutions such as Compustat. Academic and quantitative researchers, hedge funds, and investment professionals around the world use Compustat’s unrivaled historical fundamental and market data. Standardized data ensures consistent and comparable data across companies, industries and business cycles. Historical and fundamental data is available back to 1950.

  • S&P Compustat Global (ex US) is a database of non-U.S. and non-Canadian fundamental and market information.
  • S&P Compustat US is a database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market information on active and inactive publicly held companies.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For the S&P Compustat US data source, RIMES hosts approximately 44000 companies; while for the  S&P Compustat Global data source, RIMES hosts approximately 55500 companies.

Some of the company data items available include:

  • Acceptances Outstanding, Accounts Payable Data, Accounts Receivable/Debtors, Accrued Liabilities Data, Acquisitions Data, Adjustment Factor, ADR Ratio, Amortization Data, Appropriations To Untaxed Reserves, As Reported Core Data, Assets, Associated Undertakings, Auditor, Available For Interest, Average Collection Period, Average Exchange Rate, Average Short-Term Borrowings, Balance Sheet Presentation, Benefits and Claims, Berry Ratios, Beta, Book Value Per Share, Brokerage, Clearing and Exchange Fees, Capital Element, Capital Expend Property, Plant and Equipment, Capital Expenditures, Capital Gains , Capital Surplus/Share Premium Reserve, Capitalized Costs, Cash and Cash equivalents, Cash Flow, Cash Reinvestment Ratio, Claims, Commercial Paper, Commissions and Fees, Common Equity, Common Stock Equivalents, Common/Ordinary Equity Total, Comparability Status, Compensating Balance, Constituent Data, Contingent Liabilities , Convertible Debt and Preferred Stock, Cost of Goods Sold, County Code, Cumulative Adjustment Factor (Pay Date, Monthly), Currency Translation Rate, Current Assets, Current Debt, Current Ratio, Cusip, Customer Advances, Data Format Description, Death Benefits, Debt, Deferred Data, Deposits Data, Depreciation Data, Development Revenue (Real Estate), Dilution Adjustment, Discontinued Operations, Div Per Share-Exdate Quarterly, Dividends Data, Earnings Data, Ebit Data, Enterprise Value, Equity Dividend, Equity Growth Rate, Equity In Earnings, Equity In Net Loss, Exchange Adjustments (Assets), Exchange Rate Effect, Extinguishment of Debt, Federal Funds, Finance Lease Increases, Financing Activities, Fiscal Quarter, Fiscal Year-End Month, Fixed Assets , Foreign Exchange Data, Funds Flow Adequacy Ratio, Gain/Loss Tax Data, Gics Groups, Goodwill, Government Bonds, Gross Assets, Gross Domestic Product, Gross Profit , Housing Starts, Impairments Data, Income Before Extraordinary Items, Indicated Annual Dividend, Investment Assets, Investment Banking Income, Level of Consolidation, Long Term Data, Preferred Dividends In Arrears, Property, Plant, and Equipment, Research Company – Deletion Date, Reserves For Claims (Losses), Risk-Adjusted Capital Ratio, S&P Index Monthly Dividend, Sale of Passenger Cars, Security Inactivation Date, Total Asset Data, Total Shares Repurchased-Trading Volume, etc.


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