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S&P MLP (Master Limited Partnerships)

 The S&P MLP Index was developed to provide investors with exposure to the leading partnerships that trade on the NYSE and NASDAQ. The index includes both master limited partnerships (MLPs) and publicly traded limited liability companies (LLCs), which have a similar legal structure to MLPs and share the same tax benefits.

As the vast majority of traded partnerships have operations in the oil and gas industries, the S&P MLP Index follows the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®) and focuses on companies in the GICS Energy Sector and the GICS Gas Utilities Industry. MLPs are limited partnerships that are publicly traded on a securities exchange. MLPs are characterized by favorable tax treatment due to their partnership structure and by high, steady distribution payments. Both the interest in MLPs and the number of listed MLPs has greatly increased in recent years.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts the S&P MLP Index and approximately 100 companies.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Index Items: Adjusted Divisor, Adjusted Market Capitalization, Adjusted Number Of Constituents, Description, Dividend, Divisor, Gross Index, Market Capitalization, Number Of Constituents, Price Index, etc.
  • Company Items: Bloomberg Ticker, Company Ticker, Currency, Cusip, Gics Classification Code, Investable Value In USD, Mic Exchange Code, Price Factor, Reuters Identification Code, Sedol, Shares Investable, Symbol, Unadjusted Price, Weight, etc.


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