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S&P Shariah Indices

Published in Thematic Indices

Recognizing the urgent need for indexes, which are a real gauge of the global equity markets and well-established standards, Standard & Poor’s applied Sharia screens to three headline indexes – the S&P 500, the S&P Europe 350 and the S&P Japan 500. The results are the S&P 500 Sharia, the S&P Europe 350 Sharia and the S&P Japan 500 Sharia indexes. These are gauges of three major markets and, by screening out stocks that are not Sharia compliant, ideal investment vehicles for observant Muslims. In 2007, Standard & Poor’s launched the S&P GCC Sharia Indexes and the S&P Pan Asia Sharia Index, to cater to the demand for a benchmark Shariah product for those regions. Inclusive in this series are leading equity indexes screened for Shariah compliance, which are liquid and investable. The indexes are maintained for compliance on a periodic basis.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 575 indices and 6770 indices.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Company Items – Date, Description, Bloomberg Ticker, Capitalization Range, Classification, Classification Code, Country, Country Code, Daily Change In Price/ Total Return), Exchange Rate, Foreign Exchange Rate, Group, Group Code, Growth, Growth Factor, Industry, Industry Code, Investable Factor, Investable Market Capitalization (In EUR/ JPY/ USD/ LOC), Investable Market Value In USD, ISIN, Market Value (In LOC/ USD), Mic Code, Number Of Shares, Price Factor, RIC Code, Sector Code, Sedol, Shares Investable, Shares Outstanding, Standard And Poors Id, Symbol, Ticker, Time Series Classification Code, Unadjusted Price (In EUR/ JPY/ USD/ LOC), Value, Value Factor, Weight, etc.
  • Index Items – Adjusted Divisor (EUR/JPY), Adjusted Market Capitalization (EUR/JPY), Adjusted Number Of Constituents/ Securities, Dividend (EUR/JPY), Divisor (EUR/JPY), Gross Index (EUR/JPY), Market Capitalization (EUR/JPY), Net Dividend (EUR/JPY), Net Index (EUR/JPY), Number Of Constituents, Number Of Securities, Price Index (EUR/JPY), etc.



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