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Standard & Poor’s Credit Ratings Xpress

S&P’s Xpressfeed capitalizes on the combined strengths of S&P Capital IQ and select third-party vendors to enhance proprietary analytics, financial portals, CRM systems and more. Xpressfeed provides a single integrated data source in item-level transaction files. The comprehensive data warehouse includes all the necessary foundational data sets required to power sophisticated quantitative research and modeling. Xpressfeed provides access to: Fundamental and market data, Standard & Poor’s credit ratings on global issuers, Corporate actions and security mappings, and Benchmarks that include those that represent broad market segments with index data integrated and linked to S&P Capital IQ data.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 1240000 references, 2700 securities, 30 entities, and 15 instruments.

Data sets for quantitative research include:

  • Financials (S&P Capital IQ Premium Financials, Compustat Financials, Capital Structure, Bank Regulatory, etc.), qualitative data (company intelligence, Key Developments, Transactions, etc.), Estimates (S&P Capital IQ Ownership), Indices and Constituents (S&P Indices, MSCI, Russell Indices, etc.), Industry Classifications, and S&P Credit Ratings.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Actual Coupon Rate, Bond Collateral ID, Country Code, Coupon Type, Currency Code, Current Amount Date, Cusip Code, Debt Type, Instrument Symbol, ISIN Code, Issuer Codes, Maturity Date, Notional Outstanding, Original Amount, Rating Type, Regulatory Identifier, Sector Description, Standard & Poor’s Rating, Subsector Description, Type, Unsolicited Rating Flag, etc.


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