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StrataQuant Index Weightings

The StrataQuant Financials Index is an “enhanced” index developed, maintained and sponsored by Euronext or its affiliates which employs the AlphaDEX stock selection methodology to select financials stocks from the Russell 1000 Index. The StrataQuant Index Weightings module is comprised of a Summary Report (carrying index levels, divisors and market capitalisation) and a Components Report (carrying detailed composition data) that are published twice daily. Index composition change information corresponding to index rebalance is available.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

Index coverage includes:

  • StrataQuant Consumer Discretionary Index, Consumer Staples Index, Energy Index, Financials Index, Health Care Index, Industrials Index, Materials Index, Technology Index, Utilities Index, and more.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Index Items: Country Code, Database Domain Code, Database Source/Symbol, Description, Dividend Per Share Gross in US Dollars, Divisor Factor in US Dollars, Gross Index in US Dollars, Market Capitalisation in US Dollars, Number of Constituents, Open Gross/Price Index in US Dollars, Rimes Subscription Level, etc.
  • Company Items: Adjusted Price, Currency Code, Cusip Code, Date of Portfolio, Dividend Per Share Gross, Industry Level, Investable Factor, ISIN Code, Market Value in Local Currency, Shares Outstanding, Total Return, Unadjusted Price, Weight in Index, etc.

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