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SummerHaven Commodity Indices

SummerHaven Index Management, LLC creates innovative commodity indexes focused on providing investors with better risk-adjusted returns than traditional commodity indexes.

The SummerHaven Dynamic Commodity Index (“SDCI”) is an innovative approach to commodity investing that uses fundamental signals about underlying physical markets to create an active benchmark for commodity futures investors. The SDCI tracks the performance of a fully collateralized portfolio of 14 commodity futures, selected each month from a universe of 27 eligible commodities based on observable price signals, subject to a diversification requirement across major commodity sectors.

The commodity sectors for the SDCI include Precious Metals, Industrial Metals, Energy and agricultural products such as Livestock, Softs, and Grains.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For the SDCI data source, RIMES currently hosts the SummerHaven Dynamic Commodity Index.

The following data items are currently available for this source:

  • Property Items: Description, Symbol, Domain
  • Time Series Items: Gross Index in U.S. Dollars

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