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Tel Aviv SE Bond Indices

Published in Fixed Income Indices

TASE indices reflect the average price levels of selected groups of securities traded on TASE. Changes in the indices reflect the return to investors in the securities, and measure the results for positive investment (gain) or negative investment (loss), both in real-time during the course of a trading day, and over different periods of time.

TASE Tracking Indices – these types of indices require a sophisticated up to date methodology, which allows precise and accurate tracking of financial products such as ETFs, Tracking funds etc. The more the index “fit” for tracking financial products the better the quality of the index. Most tracking indices are calculated based on real-time methodology and are calculated every 15 seconds according to the real-time prices of securities traded on the exchange. Most TASE indices are real-time indices, and TASE has invested greatly in improving their quality over the years.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 367 bonds, and 2 indices, the Tel Bond-CPI Linked Index and the Tel Bond-Non Linked Index.

  • The Tel-Bond CPI Linked Index launched on May 2012. It consists all CPI Linked bonds, which are included in the Tel-Bond Universe and meet the index criteria. The index calculation method includes GTR (Gross Total Return).
  • The Tel Bond-Non Linked Index is a Bond-Composite consisting of all bonds included in Tel-Bond Floating Index and Tel-Bond Shekel Index. Like the CPI-Linked Index it is Tracking Index with an index calculation method based on GTR (Gross Total Return).


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