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Thomson Reuters Futures

The Thomson Reuters family of futures and commodities indices represents specific subsets of commodities, including the “Thomson Reuters /Jefferies CRB Index” and the “Thomson Reuters Equal Weight CCI Index. A future is an undertaking to buy or sell a standard quantity of a financial asset or commodity at a future date at a fixed price. Futures resemble forward contracts in that they involve buying or selling an item for receipt or delivery in the future, but are different from them in that they are standardized contracts. Every futures contract has standard terms that dictate the minimum quantity and quality that can be bought or sold, the smallest amount by which the price may change, delivery procedures, contract months and so on. The futures markets bring together hedgers who wish to protect themselves against the rise or fall of prices and speculators who are trying to benefit from such movements.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 1122800 futures, including:

  • Agncy D, ARG WTI, Brent CFD, Casio, Cig Swing, Clmlad, DMT, HHHF Spread, HWI Wheat, JPA, JPL, MDA DF, Mngswing, Mxodf, Ngpl, QVDDF, RUU Eaf, Tzo Swing, Tenlg, TRN Z1D, VPD DF, WAH, WTS, etc.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Ask, Asset Category, Bid, Cesr Eea Regulated, Cfi Code, Currency, Exchange Identification, Expiration Date, First Notice Day, High, Ipc Code, Isin Code, Last Trading Day, Lot Size, Lot Units, Low, Market Mic, Market Segment Name, Method Of Delivery, New Lot Size, Open, Open Interest, Open Interest 2, Place Of Listing, Price, Record Type, Root, Settle Price, Tick Value, Ticker Symbol, Trading Status, Underlying Ric, Volume, etc.

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