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Thomson Reuters Global Equity Indices

Thomson Reuters Global Equity Indices are a suite of approximately 5000 broad market free float market capitalisation weighted benchmark indices covering approximately 10000 stocks in 51 countries. Over 25 region indices are available for a number of developed and emerging markets, and 4 levels of sector indices are created using Thomson Reuters Business Classification (TRBC) for all countries and regions with more than 4 candidate stocks. The indices are governed as per a transparent, rules based and IOSCO compliant methodology and are ideal to be used off the shelf for benchmarking and performance analysis or as a starting point for custom index strategies.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 14600 companies, 10900 indices.

Some of the indices covered include:

  • United Arab Emirates Domestic Float Shares Price Only and Total Returns
  • Africa Domestic Float Shares  Price Only and Total Returns
  • Asia  Domestic Float Shares Price Only and Total Returns

The vast majority of Thomson Reuters indices have index history from April 1999. Price and total return variants are available for each index, currencies are USD for region indices and local currency for country indices. Other currencies are available on request, as are other modifications such as exclusions, custom regions, filters etc.

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