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Thomson Reuters Global Fundamentals

Reuters Fundamentals (formerly Multex Fundamentals) provides high quality, client-focused financial and descriptive information on companies worldwide. Comprehensive content includes 40000+ active companies in 95 countries. Included in this database are income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement details. Also included are details regarding company, business, and geographical segments, as well as pre-calculated ratios and company statistics.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 111700 companies.  Some of the data items available include:

  • Historical Company Items: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accrued Expenses, Accrued Income, Acquisition Of Business, Amortisation, Buildings Cost, Capital Expenditures, Capital Lease Obligations, Cash and Equivalents, Commercial Paper, Common Stock, Credit Card Fees, Deferred Charges, Depletion, Deposits, Depreciation, Dividends Payable, Dps-Common Stock, Equity In Affiliates, Equity In Net Earnings (Loss), Excise Taxes Payments, Exploration And Production, Extraordinary Item, Fed Funds, Fees And Commissions, Goodwill, Income After Tax, Insurance Receivables, Intangibles, Interest, Inventories, Investment Income, Issuance, Labor, Leases Cost, Litigation Expense, Loans, Losses, Benefits And Adjustments, Minimum Pension Liability Adjustment, Minority Interest, Net Income/ Loans/ Sales, Non-Cash Items, Normalised Income After Taxes, Policy Loans, Preferred Stock, Pro-Forma Adjustment, Property And Other Taxes, Realised Gains/Losses, Redeemables, Reinsurance, Repurchase Agreements, Research And Development, Reserves, Restructuring, Revenue, Sales, Securities, Stock-Based Compensation, Taxes Payable, Trading Account Assets, Treasury Stock, Underwriting And Commissions, Unearned Stats, Unrealised Stats, Warrants Converted, etc.
  • Current Company Ratio Items: Book Value/Share Fiscal Year End, Current Ratio Fiscal Year End, Ebitda Margin Latest Fiscal Year, Gross Margin Latest Fiscal Year, It Debt/Equity Fiscal Year End, Net Profit Margin Latest Fiscal Year, Normalised P/E Latest Fiscal Year, Operating Margin Latest Fiscal Year, P/E Excluding Extraordinary Items Latest Fiscal Year, Payout Ratio Latest Fiscal Year, Pre-Tax Margin Latest Fiscal Year, Price To Cash Flow Per Share, Price To Sales, Price To Tangible Book Most Recent Fiscal Year, Quick Ratio Fiscal Year End, Return On Average Assets Latest Fiscal Year, Return On Average Common Equity Latest Fiscal Year, Return On Investment Latest Fiscal Year, Sales/Share Latest Fiscal Year, Total Debt/Equity Fiscal Year End, etc.
  • Current Informational Items: Analyst Footnotes, Annual Dividend Per Share, Cash And Equivalents, Most Recent Fiscal Year, Date Of Incorporation, Earnings After Taxes Normalised, Earnings Before Taxes, Interest & Depreciation, Eps Excluding Extraordinary Items, Eps Normalised, Equity Composition, Iso Code Of Price Currency/ Reporting Currency/ Country, Market Capitalisation, Naics Code, Net Income Available To Common, Net Income Excluding Extraordinary Items, Price, Revenue, Sector Group, Shares Outstanding, Tangible Book Value Per Share, Trading Volume For Last 10 Days, etc.

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