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Toyo Keizai Estimates

The Toyo Keizai Estimates database contains comprehensive estimates information for all listed Japanese companies and the OTC. Estimates are available on a fiscal year, non-consolidated (FY1, FY2), fiscal year consolidated (FY1, FY2), six-month interim non-consolidated (FY1) and six-month interim consolidated (FY1) basis. Information includes estimates (current and historical), as well as fundamentals (flash & final). Data history goes back to 1985.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts over 6000 securities.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Current Items: address, delisting date, description, english characteristics, english headline, english outlook, establishment date, head office, industry, japanese characteristics, japanese description, japanese headline, japanese outlook, japanese outlook 2, listed date, postal code, telephone, etc.
  • Historical Items – consolidation flag, current profit flag, current profit, dividend flag, dividend per share, earnings per share, estimate flag, market classification, net profit flag, net profit, number of the months, operation profit flag, par value, sales flag, sales, settlement term, stock split flag, etc.

Related modules available at RIMES include:

  • Toyo Keizai Estimates – Current/ History, Toyo Keizai Current Estimates, Toyo Keizai Fundamentals (Flash/ Final)

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