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Toyo Keizai Fundamentals

Database Toyo Keizai is the leader in Japanese “as reported” fundamental data covering all Japanese listed companies, including the JASDAQ. Starting in 1902, Toyo Keizai produced Japan’s first wholesale price index. A few years later, Toyo Keizai pioneered the collection of data on stock prices, wholesale and retail prices, and other economic data. Today, the data covers financial reports, estimated earnings and dividends, stock prices, share holdings, keiretsu affiliations, subsidiaries, overseas operations, corporate executives, corporate history, etc.

This database also includes macroeconomic figures, such as capital market data, industry statistics, and regional economic data.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For the Toyo Keizai Fundamentals Tanshin and Yuho, RIMES hosts approximately 5700 securities each, including publicly traded and major private firms in Japan. Coverage includes Yuho (final) reports, Tanshin (flash) quarterly or semi-annual reports, and estimates data.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Assets, Capital Expenditure, Depreciation, Inter-Segment Operating  Revenues And Transfers, Inter-Segment Sales And Transfers, Item Name, No. Of Employees, Operating Expenses, Operating Income, Operating Revenues (Total), Operating Revenues To External, Customers, Ordinary Expenses, Ordinary Income, Ordinary Revenues (Total), Ordinary Revenues To External Customers, Sales (Total), Sales To External Customers, etc.

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