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Refinitive Worldscope Fundamentals

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Reuters Fundamentals provides financials that combine 99 percent of the global market capitalization with in-depth local market knowledge. That is over 90,000 companies traded in more than 169 exchanges in over 150 countries. And, with direct access to the calculation, source filing and actual financial figures from the filing, you can verify with ease.

To address the complexity and inconsistencies of financial, accounting practices and presentations, Worldscope Fundamentals uses uniform, definitions and standardized statement organization to provide a competitive edge when it comes to global, insights and analysis. Extensive company coverage and content includes:

  • Financial statement items, including standardized, annual and interim statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow) and supplementary items, from footnotes, such as pension data and stock, compensation.
  • Analytics ratios, including 450+ pre-calculated financial, ratios, with annual/five-year averages covering growth, profitability, liquidity, leverage and asset utilization, alpha, beta, and return on equity.
  • Adjustments for corporate actions are also included and comprehensive annual history dates back to 1980.

Key Features and Coverage on RIMES

For this data source, RIMES hosts approximately 117860 companies.

Some of the data items available include:

  • Actual Loan Losses, Actual Recoveries, After Tax Other Income / Expense, Amortizations, Auditor Fees, Bonds, Broker & Financial Institution Loans, Cash & Due , Cash & Equivalents, Cash & Short Term, Investments, Claim & Loss Expense, Commercial & Industrial Loans, Commission and Fees, Common Stocks, Company Status, Consumer & Installment Loans, Cost Of Goods Sold, Current Assets – Total, Current Insurance Benefits, Custody Securities, Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization, Discontinued Operations, Dividend Income – Non-Operating, DPS – Dividends per Share, EPS – Earnings per Share, Equipment Expense, Equity in Earnings (INC), Equity Securities Investment – Total, Extraordinary Charge/Credit, Extraordinary Items & Gain / Loss Sale of Assets, Federal Agency Securities, Federal Funds, Finance Receivables, Finished Goods, Fixed Income Securities Investment, Foreign Currency Translation Gain / Loss, Foreign Exchange Income, Foreign Loans, Gain / Loss On Disposal Of Assets, Gain On Sale Of Investment, Gains / Losses On Sale Of Securities – Pre-tax, Gross Income, Income Taxes, Interbank Loans, Interest & Fees On Loans, Interest Capitalized, Interest Expense, Interest Income, Interest Receivables, Inventories – Total, Investment Income, Investments – Total, Investments in Associated Companies, Investments in Sales and Direct Financing Leases, Last Fiscal Year, Lease Financing, Loans , Insurance Reserves, Long Term Receivables, Loss Adjustment Expense, Market Value USD, Minority Interest (Income Statement), Monetary Correction, Mortgage Backed Securities, Net Income, Net Loan Losses, Net Sales or Revenues, Non-Interest Expense/Income, Non-Performing Loans, Non-Redeemable Preferred Stock (BS Asset), Policy Loans, Policyholders’ Surplus, Preferred Dividend Requirements, Premium Balance Receivables, Premiums Earned, Prepaid Expenses, Pre-tax Equity in Earnings, Pre-tax Income, Price Close /High/ Low, Progress Payments and Other, Raw Materials, Real Estate Assets, Realized Investment Gains / Loss, Receivables (Net), Redeemable Preferred Stock (BS Asset), Reinsurance & Adjustment Reserves, Rental Income, Reserve for Loan Losses, Reserves – Increase / Decrease, Securities Inventory, Securities Purchased Under Resale Agreements, Selling, General & Administrative Expenses, Separate and Variable Account Assets, Short Term Investments, Staff Costs, State/ Municipal Securities, Taxes Other Than Income Taxes, Ticker Symbol (RIMES) – Current, Total Assets – As Reported, Total Non-Performing Assets, Total Premiums Written, Trading Account Income, Treasury Securities, Trust Income, Trusts & Fiduciary Income / Commission & Fees, Underwriting Expense, Unearned Income, Work in Process, etc.


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