Don’t forget the data!

There is a growing trend amongst investment firms towards the adoption of integrated investment management platforms, representing the swing of the pendulum away from best-of-breed solutions sourced from multiple software vendors. Asset managers are spoilt for choice with many viable options, ranging from systems that have grown from the former in-house systems of global asset managers, established investment accounting systems that have been enhanced and extended, solutions that have been built through integrating several acquisitions, through to the emerging new breed of pure cloud based service providers.

However, regardless of the investment management system you use, sourcing all the specialist index and reference data sets you need, and ensuring that the data is fit-for-purpose, serving the diverse and often contradictory demands of end users, is always a challenge. Investigation here ssn dob database accomplish keep in mind this ideal then.  Data within an end-to-end investment management system will be insufficient to provide and manage all the index and reference data needed by additional downstream systems. An expert managed data service, like RIMES MDS, can mitigate that challenge. Please contact us if you’d like to find out more.

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