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CFETS Conference

The CFETS Conference held by the China Foreign Exchange Trade System is being held at the Bank of China – New York Branch on Friday September 22nd 2017.

If you focus on Chinese financial markets, and if you are interested in the Chinese inter-bank market, this is a must-attend event for you. The morning Conference will be held from 9:30 to 11:30am and will cover industry trends including:

1. China macroeconomic overview:
 – Economic growth, interbank exchange rates and interest rates trends;

2. China inter-bank main benchmarks – an introduction:
– Central Parity – how the inverse periodic factor affects the trend of central parity;
– RMB index – a quantitative indicator for observing the RMB exchange rate;
– DR and FDR – the new interest rate benchmarks improving monetary policy transmission’s efficiency;

3. Opening up the interbank market:
What types of overseas institutions can participate, which markets or instruments can be traded, how to participate

Email to register for this event.


* Please note that places are limited and RSVP is mandatory for this event. Due to the nature of the event, they are reserved for buy-side end-users only.