[On-demand] Fireside Chat with RIMES and WatersTechnology

Victor Anderson from WatersTechnology chats to RIMES’ Global Head of Product Strategy, Andrew Barnett about the firm’s Covid experience, EQT’s investment in the business, and what’s on RIMES’ radar for 2021.

In this session they also discuss the following topics:

  • How the last 10 months have been for the business and whether there have been any silver linings in what has been a challenging year for all market participants.
  • The changes that might have occurred in the wake of EQT’s investment in the business.
  • Capital markets firms’ propensity to outsource various aspects of their data management that might have been accelerated by the Covid pandemic.
  • The problems RIMES’ clients are looking to solve right now and what they can expect from the business going into 2021.

Click here to watch the full session.