[On-demand] RIMES and FTF News Podcast

On December 9, RIMES Global Head of Product Strategy, Andrew Barnett, participated in an FTF Exchange podcast, answering questions around the evolution of data management in financial sector firms:

  • Why is the tide turning against enterprise-wide data management solutions and data warehouses?
  • How does data become imprisoned by an EDM system?
  • If firms move away from legacy approaches, what should they do with their existing investments in EDM, ETL and data warehouses?
  • What’s the breaking point for most firms when it comes to moving away from EDM systems?
  • Is it counterintuitive for firms to move data management for the enterprise outside the enterprise?

You can listen to the full podcast below or by clicking here.

RIMES Technologies – Marketing · RIMES and FTF News Podcast – December 2020