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RIMES Forum Toronto – Forrester Research

Buy-side financial services firms are increasingly seeing the importance of data management in supporting high-level corporate and strategic objectives, but are hindered by a myriad of challenges. RIMES commissioned Forrester to apply their established data management maturity model to help understand how firms are overcoming these barriers. The results of their study not only highlighted the key benefits of being among the 10% of data management ‘experts’, but also clearly signposted the route to achieving that classification.

This forum will present:

• Why is data management so important in supporting corporate and strategic objectives?
• What are the multiple challenges firms face in supporting those objectives?
• What are the core components of data management in terms of both strategy and execution?
• Introducing the concept of classifying firms as data experts, strategists, managers and tacticians, how do they differ in their approach to data management?
• There’s a clear pay-off to being a data expert, but what are the steps to becoming one?

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