[On-Demand] ETF Trading in a Time of Crisis


During this 45-minute interactive ETF debate, Andrew Barnett of RIMES sat down with Bhaven Patel of DWS, Paolo Giulianini – ETF Expert, and Marc Knowles of Alpha FMC to discuss the latest trends and debates surrounding ETF data:

  • 20 years of ETF trading in Europe
  • Market making in the time of COVID-19
  • The role of central banks in the ETF market
  • How have Index providers coped
  • The next 20 years


Bhaven Patel
Director – Xtrackers ETP Capital
Markets Specialist
Marc Knowles
Head ETF and Indexing
Alpha FMC
Paolo Giulianini
Senior Independent ETF Expert
and Former Head of ETF Trading
and Advisory
UniCredit and Banca IMI
Andrew Barnett
Global Head of Product Strategy

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