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Managing the Upcoming FTSE Russell Index and Classification Changes

FTSE Russell have announced an unprecedented number of changes to both their indices and industry classifications, phased throughout 2018 and 2019.

FTSE Russell have announced far-reaching changes to be implemented throughout 2018 and 2019. These will have a significant operational impact on all clients using the FTSE Global Equity Index Series (GEIS) and Russell Global Indexes (RGI). The changes announced are in two broad categories:

  • Migration of RGI and RGI derivative indices to existing equivalent FTSE GEIS indices – effective December 31st 2018
  • Transition of Russell Global Sectors (RGS) to Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) in 2019

With RIMES Managed Data Services (MDS), we shield our clients from the impact of these changes, for example, managing new mappings and updating your impacted feeds accordingly. Where there are changes to proforma schedules, we provide updates for clients using our proforma services via our online events calendar.  When published by FTSE Russell, we can provide customized sample and transition files, and historical data requirements, to assist during the transitions.  If you require any further information on these services, please contact us at support@rimes.com.

Existing RIMES MDS clients receive the following benefits to help mitigate vendor-led changes:

  • Significant time and cost savings, as we will remove the manual effort ensure the changes are reflected in all RIMES-delivered feeds
  • Access to our expertise, which means queries are quickly resolved to assist the decision-making process
  • De-risking implementation of the changes by subscribing to preview and history files to facilitate the transition

RIMES support for GEIS and RGI Alignment


Change Effective Date RIMES Service
FTSE Global Micro Cap Index, will be added to the FTSE GEIS universe. Together with the FTSE Global All Cap Index, this will form the new FTSE Global Total Cap Index. June 2018 RIMES has added the new index family to its standard product offering.
Russell Global and Russell Frontier indexes will be decommissioned. Clients of standard indices will be transitioned to corresponding FTSE series. December 31st 2018 RIMES can help in the transition to the FTSE GEIS and FTSE Frontier Index Series, both of which are available on the RIMES platform.
The starting universe of several Russell index families, including Russell RAFI and Russell Global Stability indices, will transition from the RGI universe to the FTSE GEIS universe. FTSE Russell will work with clients of RGI custom indices to transition to FTSE GEIS based indices. First half of 2019 RIMES clients subscribing to FTSE RGI and GEIS proforma data will have access to the new proforma schedules in the Managed Feeds Workstation and Feed Monitor.


RIMES support for FTSE ICB Changes


Changes Date RIMES Service
The new Industry Classification Benchmark ICB framework takes effect in 2019 (date to be confirmed FTSE Russell) and the Russell Global Sectors will be discontinued.

Highlights include:

·        Real Estate Industry is added to the FTSE ICB Structure at the broadest headline level (expanding it to 11 industries).
·        Telecommunications Industry is expanded to include two new Subsectors: Telecommunications Equipment (technology) and Cable Television Services (media) are added.
·         Oil and Gas Industry will be renamed Energy.
·         Consumer Goods and Consumer Services will be blended into new Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary Industries.

2019 RIMES can provide fit-for-purpose sample and transition files, and historical data requirements, to assist during the transition.
All FTSE Russell indices adopt the new ICB framework.

Historical “as was” and “as is” index level to be made available.

2019 RIMES can provide fit-for-purpose sample and transition files, and historical data requirements, to assist during the transition.