2014 RIMES Forums Report

As part of its commitment to the global asset management community, RIMES conducts an ongoing market outreach program. During 2014 we hosted a wide variety of events that included 37 industry forums in 23 financial centers across the globe. Over 400 industry professionals from 160 asset management firms, custodian banks, pension funds and insurance companies attended these. Functions represented ranged from operational data management professionals to C-level executives.

The RIMES 2014 Forums Report: Strategic Challenges Facing Asset Managers show a clear shift in data management priorities within the asset management community. The striking fact is that, across the industry the data management debate has expanded, become more strategic, and extended to a more senior level.

Strategic issues of concern now include:

  • Enhancing transparency and control through robust data governance
  • Enabling and facilitating business change to meet new industry dynamics
  • Increasing agility and responsiveness to reduce time to market for new business initiatives

This is in addition to existing fundamental drivers that include:

  • Accelerating the timeliness of data for key business processes
  • Raising the quality and appropriateness of data at the point of use
  • Improving cost management – including visible and hidden expenditure

RIMES 2014 Year End Report


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