Building the business case for a managed data service

There is an emerging trend on the buy-side toward adopting managed data services for some aspects of data management. However, building the business case for managed data services is problematic because of a lack of transparency when it comes to knowledge of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of market data.

The cost of data and the various ‘hidden’ costs associated with its downstream management and distribution are some of the most acute challenges facing buy-side firms at present. And while the upfront costs they incur are transparent by way of invoices, what is less obvious and ‘auditable’ are the costs incurred once the data is acquired and residing within the firm.

Research estimates that buy-side firms spend up to four times more managing their data than acquiring it, swelling their total cost of ownership figures appreciably. The ability of firms to establish a framework by which they can identify, quantify and manage these hidden costs is therefore a priority for all buy-side firms that want to manage the implicit costs of doing business and evaluate the benefits of new data operating models.

  • Typically what functions within buy-side firms contribute to ‘hidden’ data management costs? 
  • How do buy-side firms go about establishing a framework that can help them realise their TCO with respect to data?    
  • How can service providers help buy-side firms when it comes to managing their data TCO? 

Moderator: Victor Anderson, Editor in Chief, Waters Technology


  • Edward Boag, Chief Data Officer, Pioneer Investments
  • Phil Tattersall, Director & Founder, Simitas
  • Steve Cheng, Global Head of Data Management Solutions, RIMES

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