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We have been passionate about data for the past 20 years. Our work includes prompting, responding to and reporting on key industry debates. Here you can find all the white papers and surveys we publish from time to time.

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Financial Data Trends Sep 17, 2018

ESMA Updates its Benchmarks Register

Following the implementation of the EU Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) in January this year, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published...

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Financial Data Trends Sep 4, 2018

The Great MAR Crackdown

Last month, we discussed reports that the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) had issued a questionnaire to asset managers in the country...

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Financial Data Trends Sep 4, 2018

Want to be Compliant? Act Like a Regulator

When it comes to compliance, financial sector firms have never had it so tough. Starting with the financial crisis in 2008, a...

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Financial Data Trends Aug 28, 2018

As ESG Investing Gathers Momentum, Good Data Will be Crucial

Over the past ten years, the nature of what makes a good investment has started to shift. Today, a significant and growing...

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