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Financial Data Trends Sep 22, 2020

A timely reminder to ensure adequate market surveillance

The publication by the FCA of a Decision Notice on September 16 will no doubt cause some anxiety within control functions at...

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Financial Data Trends Sep 15, 2020

ESG Disclosure Regulations in the EU – Delay is not the Answer

As the world strives for a cooler planet, ESG investing is becoming a hot topic in the financial sector. This is because...

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Financial Data Trends Sep 9, 2020

Strategic Technology Adoption for Market Surveillance

Financial sector firms increasingly “get” market surveillance. Once seen as a costly extravagance, firms have come to realize that market surveillance technology...

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Financial Data Trends Aug 25, 2020

To Achieve a Different Data Management Outcome, Try a Different Approach

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This quote, often mistakenly attributed to Einstein, can...

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