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Financial Data Trends Nov 18, 2020

RIMES and MSCI Discuss the Latest Developments in ESG Investing

On November 4, Terri Morgan, SVP & Sales Manager at RIMES, was joined by Noel Friedman, Executive Director & Business Manager for...

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Financial Data Trends Nov 13, 2020

Are Data Notifications a Risk to Your Business? They Should be the Least of Your Worries!

Data managers at financial sector firms have long had to deal with the challenge of market data notifications. Whenever a data vendor...

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Financial Data Trends Nov 12, 2020

Market Surveillance in the Age of COVID: A Regulator’s View

Thanks to COVID-19, the financial services industry has had to adjust to a new normal marked by distributed working models and turbulent...

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Financial Data Trends Nov 6, 2020

The BMR Nightmare Scenario is Playing Out. Here’s What Firms Can Do

From the outset, the Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) has been a tough nut for financial sector firms to crack. The most extensive benchmarks...

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