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Financial Data Trends Jul 6, 2020

Operational Data is Key for Successful Offensive Strategies

If a new survey from Alpha FMC is anything to go by, asset managers are facing a significant data skills gap that...

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Financial Data Trends Jun 30, 2020

Financial Sector Regulations in Australia: The Aussie Rules are Tightening Up

Australian financial sector regulations are a bit like the rules in Aussie rules football: while we know they exist, few of us...

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Financial Data Trends Jun 23, 2020

Panel Discussion: The New Normal

This June, Lisa Conner, Head of North American Client Services at RIMES, participated in a panel discussion hosted by Cutter Associates. The...

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Financial Data Trends Jun 15, 2020

Consolidation in Australia’s Superannuation Funds Market: Data Quality Comes to the Fore

Big change is happening in Australia’s superannuation funds market. As outlined in KPMG’s new report on the sector, the number of superannuation...

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