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Financial Data Trends Feb 11, 2021

Market Surveillance Automation: Delay No More

Investment firms no longer have a choice: they must automate market surveillance workflows to mitigate risk. While it’s understandable that many firms...

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Financial Data Trends Feb 9, 2021

BMR Mutates, and Becomes More Troublesome

Regulations have a habit of changing course suddenly and, like the nasty new strain of a virus, can make life much more...

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Financial Data Trends Feb 3, 2021

Making Cloud-First Data a Success

According to global consultancy group Accenture, around 5-10% of capital markets firms’ technology solutions currently sit in the public cloud. However, this...

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Financial Data Trends Feb 2, 2021

MSCI’s Infrastructure Indices Available on RIMES MDS

RIMES has added MSCI’s infrastructure data to the RIMES Managed Data Services (MDS), in line with our mission to provide the industry’s...

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