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Press Releases Feb 7, 2007

RIMES adds UBS Style Indices

RIMES, the leading integrator of financial databases serving the global investment community, has announced the addition of the UBS Style indices to...

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Press Releases Sep 27, 2006

UBS Australian Indices now on RIMES

RIMES has added UBS Australian Bond Index and Constituent data. It is accessible through RIMES Desktops, allowing analysis on our servers delivering...

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Press Releases Jun 19, 2006

RIMES extends coverage with MSCI Kokunai Indices

RIMES hosts one of the most complete sets of MSCI data available anywhere, and the MSCI Kokunai Indices are now added to...

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Press Releases Apr 12, 2006

RIMES feeds index data available in Ortec performance solution

ORTEC has expanded its PEARL solution for Performance Measurement and Attribution as ORTEC and RIMES® enter into a strategic partnership. Clients are...

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