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Thought Leadership Mar 28, 2019

Financial Sector Firms Needs More Data Than Ever – Here’s How RIMES Can Help

While data has always been important to institutional investors, today there is increasing demand for new types of data that promise to...

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Thought Leadership Feb 19, 2019

The RIMES Difference? It’s All About Service

RIMES business is centered on data. Whether that’s the index and reference data that runs through the RIMES Managed Data Services (MDS)...

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Thought Leadership Feb 14, 2019

DIY for Complex Blended Benchmarks Isn’t Always Easy

As many of our clients have learned the hard way, attempting to build and maintain complex blended (i.e. composite) benchmarks is often...

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Thought Leadership Feb 4, 2019

Managing the ETF Data Challenge: A RIMES Q&A

It’s boom time for Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). ETF assets, which are traded like stocks and usually track an index, have swelled to...

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