China index data now available on RIMES

RIMES Technologies, the award-winning benchmark data service provider, today announced that it has become the first data integrator to offer index data from the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and China Securities Index Company Limited (CSI).

Compiled by the China Securities Index Company Limited (CSI), a joint venture between the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, CSI specializes in the creation and management of indices and index-related services. Comprehensive benchmark coverage on RIMES now includes the market leading CSI 300 Index and also the SSE 180, SSE 50, SSE Dividend, SSE New Composite and SSE Composite Indices, as well as the SSE Fund, SSE Government Bond and SSE Corporate Bond Sector Indices.

Zilong He, Data Manager of Sales & Marketing Dept. at CSI said: “We are pleased to be partnering with RIMES to make China Securities Index data and Shanghai Stock Exchange Index data available to its clients.”

RIMES’ clients can now access CSI and SSE benchmark data both at index and constituent level via the fully managed RIMES Benchmark Data Service® (RIMES BDS®), which takes care of all daily data operations. RIMES provides access to 400 financial databases from 140 data partners, and currently feeds in excess of 30 third-party applications, plus many internal systems. CSI and SSE index data will also be available through the RIMES Desktop, providing easy browser-based access to benchmark data.

Doug Garrity, Senior Partner at RIMES Technologies added: “The breadth and depth of data on RIMES is one of our fundamental principles: being able to offer CSI and SSE Index data represents an essential addition to our existing benchmark data coverage. We are delighted to be the first data integrator to complete an agreement with the China Securities Index Company to redistribute these Indices via RIMES.”

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