ChinaBond on RIMES Launch

New data for the RIMES Benchmark Data Service® (RIMES BDS®)

The Frankfurt European Regulation Roadshow in October saw the launch of the latest RIMES data source: ChinaBond, from the China Central Depository & Clearing Company (CCDC) – the first central securities depository (CSD) approved by the State Council in China.

As the latest addition to nearly 200 existing RIMES data partners, CCDC contributes an established set of ChinaBond pricing products to RIMES BDS. It gives investment managers simple, enterprise-ready access to one of the core pricing benchmarks in the Chinese financial markets.

Launch events

Senior management from CCDC introduced their company at a RIMES launch event during the Frankfurt European Regulation Roadshow. They spoke to a 40-strong buy-side audience about their new partnership with RIMES and the opportunities it presents for investment in China. A cocktail event was also held in Paris the next day, attended by 30 RIMES clients.

China Central Depository & Clearing Company (CCDC)

CCDC is a state owned financial institution with an infrastructure designed to promote neutrality, independence, and public interest. Its ChinaBond pricing products reflect market prices and the risks of bonds issued in RMB. Investment managers can now see price trends within Chinese bond markets, assisting with predictions of macroeconomic developments and with the evaluation of bond investment portfolios.   More than 50 indices are included, reflecting an ongoing RIMES commitment to providing data on global asset classes.

Provided within RIMES BDS

RIMES BDS is a key component of the RIMES Managed Data Service, delivering fully managed and reliable data across an entire enterprise, quickly and cost effectively. All data feeds are formatted to individual user requirements, and clients no longer need to undertake data validation, data correction or workflow management.

RIMES BDS allows new data sources such as the ChinaBond indices to be acquired rapidly without having to negotiate data supply or adapt internal IT systems. The service includes all steps from onboarding through to enterprise-wide compliance management and eventual data decommissioning. It provides a firm basis for regulatory compliance, and an additional benefit is that redundant feeds can be easily identified for decommissioning.

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