Constant Vigilance and Action are Crucial to Deliver on Diversity and Inclusion

June is Pride month, a time of the year given over to celebrating the LGBTQ+ communities worldwide. For businesses like RIMES, this is the perfect opportunity to renew our commitment to diversity and inclusion and celebrate it in all its forms.

As well as being the right thing to do, diversity and inclusion is good business. Research from McKinsey shows that companies with diversity in their leadership outperform their peers, and research from Accenture demonstrates that employees who feel a sense of belonging and inclusion at work are more likely to realize their full potential.

Companies are also increasingly having to focus on factors such as diversity and inclusion as part of the drive around Environmental, Social and Governance reporting. Diversity and inclusion matters more and more to investors, shareholders and clients, and therefore needs to be a top priority for business leaders.

However, despite real progress in this space in recent years much work remains to be done in all areas of diversity, including gender identity and sexual orientation, gender, race, culture and social background.

According to The Trevor Project, for example, more than one in three (35%) employed LGBTQ youths experienced workplace discrimination, with significantly greater rates reported by transgender and nonbinary people. When it comes to racial and gender bias, years of progress risk being reversed as a result of the pandemic. One study near the start of the pandemic showed that in the US jobs held by black Americans were at much greater risk of reductions in pay or layoffs than those held by white Americans. The pandemic recession had also led to far more job losses for women than for men.

Alessandro Ferrari CMO at RIMES comments: “While we celebrate diversity and inclusion this June, we also need to redouble our efforts to ensure that progress in this area continues to be made. At RIMES, we believe that building a truly inclusive culture is a must, and that means ensuing each and every person at the company feels included.

“Our view, which is supported by many research studies, is that when people can be themselves they deliver their best work. We also believe that a diverse workforce is needed to truly represent our global client base and deliver against their needs.

“We will therefore continue to build a company on a broad foundation of equity, diversity and inclusion and to ensure representation of people from all backgrounds, identities and preferences are represented and fully supported.”

Alessandro (and RIMES) have been nominated for the 2021 Global Top 100 Executive Allies in partnership with Investment Week. The Top 100 is an annual recognition series to identify, recognize and celebrate C-Suite and executive leaders for their allyship in creating a diverse and inclusive culture within their respective organisations.

Executive allies are of critical importance to our industry’s business, reputation and talent and play a critical role in creating an empowering environment where all diversities can succeed. The one-hundred leaders will be revealed on June 24 during a live virtual event: you can register here. This is a free event.

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