Forrester Webinar: Total Economic Impact of RIMES MDS

Forrester Consulting recently conducted a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study of the RIMES Managed Data Services (RIMES MDS). The objective of the study was to examine the potential return on investment that asset managers may realize through RIMES’ MDS, based on a three-year model with risk adjustments.

Here you can watch the replay webinar we hosted on September 8, which presented the main take-aways from the study. Forrester interviewed internal experts from RIMES, its own analysts, various subject matter experts in the technology space and most importantly, RIMES customers that have used the service for more than six months. Forrester asked each group about the benefits, costs, risks and flexibility of RIMES’ MDS and quantified those components into a financial model.

The study found that the total value of benefits outweighed the total value of costs, resulting in an ROI of 309 percent, a net present value of $3.6 billion and a payback period of 2.9 months. Beyond the quantified benefits, the study also found that using RIMES MDS resulted in the following benefits:

  • Improved service levels
  • Enhanced data quality
  • Increased responsiveness and scalability
  • Boosted operational efficiency
  • Enhanced risk management and mitigation
  • Provided more access to expertise and support

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Forrester TEI for MDS – Executive Summary

Forrester TEI for MDS – Infographic

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