Free webinar on chief data officers scheduled for April 1

Buy-side financial executives would likely agree that there’s never been more data than there is today. And given the heightened regulatory environment now in place, data management is critical – so much so that institutions are considering establishing chief data officers as key components of their staff.

It’s this trend that will be discussed during a webinar, hosted by online educational data management company Dataversity.

Free for everyone to attend, the webinar “The Role of the Chief Data Officer” will take place at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on April 1.

Who will be speaking and what will be discussed
Three speakers will take part in the event, all veterans of the financial and data management industry, including Ursula Cottone of Keybank, Derek Strauss of TD Ameritrade and John Ladley of IMcue. Tony Shaw, CEO of Dataversity, will serve as moderator.

According to the Dataversity release, several issues about the role of the chief data officer will be discussed, including how the position has evolved over time. The hope is that attendees will be able to walk away from the webinar with a better understanding of what motivates an organization to establish the position, the responsibilities the role has, who they report to and if it’s appropriate for the CDO to have their own staff.

The CDO is a fairly new position, not something that has been set up for a long time now like chief financial officers or chief executive officers. As a result, a lot of the comments made will be centered on how it will likely evolve in the future as data management systems become more developed and intricate.

1 in 4 organizations will have a CDO by 2015
There will likely come a time in which virtually all global organizations will have a CDO. By as early as 2015, approximately 25 percent organizations will have appointed one, according to a recent estimate made by IT research company Gartner.

“[Approximately] 65 percent of CDOs are in the U.S. while 20 percent are in the U.K.,” said Debra Logan, vice president of Gartner.

She added that there are CDOs in more than 12 countries worldwide and approximately 100 serving in large organizations overall. That’s double how many there were as recently as 2012.

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