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Mitigating the Data Management Impacts of System Migrations

As you may know, last year Bloomberg closed the acquisition of the Barclays Risk Analytics and Index Solutions Ltd. (BRAIS). The transaction includes the intellectual property of the Barclays POINT portfolio analytics product, as well as their fixed income benchmark indices and the BRAIS strategy indices. Within 18 months of this date, Barclays will retire POINT. As a POINT user, you now have the choice to either transition to Bloomberg PORT or identify and implement one or more third party systems for portfolio analytics and benchmark data management capabilities.

We recently conducted a survey of investment management professionals, representing a variety of business and technology functions from firms across the globe, in order to understand the data management impacts of the transition. Our survey confirms that a large proportion of POINT users use it as a data management tool for sourcing (over 77%) and customizing (over 61%) benchmark data. RIMES is the Industry Leader in benchmark data management, so as you weigh the alternatives to POINT, don’t forget to consider your potential data management challenges and how these can be solved using our service.

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