NASDAQ OMX & RIMES to hold joint event in New York

RIMES announced that it will hold a joint event with NASDAQ OMX on Wednesday, February 29th at 4:00 p.m. ET at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square. Executives from both companies will lead a discussion on how broader economic trends are impacting the benchmark index industry and its usage within asset management firms.

NASDAQ OMX Chief Economist Frank Hatheway and John Jacobs, EVP of NASDAQ OMX’s Global Index Group, will join Steve Cheng, RIMES’ SVP Global Head of Data Management Solutions, as presenters. In addition to highlighting current macro-economic trends, the speakers will cover critical topics such as the state of the existing benchmark industry and the need for smarter models to continue effective asset management. The discussion will focus on how increasingly complex benchmarks impact asset management firms and how firms can respond to these challenges and remain profitable.

“This event is a great example of our ongoing relationship with NASDAQ OMX. As a member of The NASDAQ Elite Index Data Program, all of NASDAQ OMX’s index data is available via the RIMES Benchmark Data Service (RIMES BDSsm), the award-winning solution which improves the quality, cost effectiveness, speed and reliability of managing multiple sets of data to give users complete control over the data they receive, and how it is presented,” said Alessandro Ferrari, Global Head of Marketing at RIMES.

“NASDAQ OMX designs powerful, relevant index and benchmark families that are synchronized with the continually changing market environment,” said John Jacobs, EVP of the NASDAQ OMX Global Index Group. “We have thousands of diverse indexes that provide comprehensive insight into the global markets and serve as benchmarks that can help institutions, fund managers and private investors track their investment strategies. Thanks to RIMES, investors are able to more effectively manage our index data and thus improve their productivity and performance.”


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