Navigating Fixed Income Analytics in a POINTless World

Missing spreads and durations…legacy databases buckling under the pressure of historical data…waiting for a backlog of reports to run…cost increases…

Sound familiar?

Familiar challenges for fixed income analysts, but further exacerbated by the demise of POINT, now certain to be January 2019. At RIMES, we have been working closely with portfolio, risk and performance managers to provide the quality price aligned analytics they are looking for, but with the flexibility to meet their requirements, cost effectively.

RIMES Price Aligned Analytics

As well as sourcing index and constituent level index data from 60 fixed income data partners, through longstanding relationships with several analytics providers, we can enrich the data with comprehensive price aligned analytics, for example, for performance attribution or to drive spread values.

Our price aligned analytics capabilities are part of the award-winning RIMES Managed Data Service (MDS). With more than 20 years servicing over 350 financial institutions, we are in constant front-line collaboration with our clients to ensure successful implementations and long-term scalability. We host all client specific data in private databases on our scalable cloud-based platform, removing one more system from your technology overhead.

The data is fully validated using RIMES expertise and delivered in a system-ready file format – no manual intervention required. We also offer direct access via the RIMES Desktop or API services.

The benefits are not only unrivalled data quality, but also considerable long-term savings.


Rely on RIMES

If the challenges of POINT migration are keeping you up at night, RIMES can help.

Contact us.


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