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Thought Leadership Oct 22, 2020

DaaS and DMaaS – What’s the Difference?

As we’ve reached out to the buy-side community over the past few weeks to talk about the latest evolution of RIMES Managed...

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Financial Data Trends Oct 7, 2020

ESMA’s Statement on BMR and Brexit: Greater Clarity Brings Greater Complexity

The first day of October 2020 was marked by a public statement from The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) on the...

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Financial Data Trends Oct 6, 2020

What the FCA’s New Market Abuse Stat Means for Asset Managers

How do you know what a regulator intends to analyze when it comes to market abuse? The answer is simple: look at...

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Financial Data Trends Sep 28, 2020

Two Tests to Measure ETF Data Quality Following Format Changes

It’s now nearly a year since the SEC voted to adopt Rule 6c-11, otherwise known as the ‘ETF Rule’. The rule has...

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