RIMES addresses regulatory challenges of market manipulation and insider trading legislation in U.S. with new solution

RIMES launches RegFocus Market Surveillance to simplify and streamline regulatory compliance for the buy-side, sell-side and hedge fund community.

RIMES, the leading provider of managed data services and RegTech solutions today announced the launch of RegFocussm Market Surveillance, a fully managed service that helps compliance and surveillance officers across the buy-side, sell-side and hedge fund, source, capture and maintain all necessary data elements to better meet current regulatory and surveillance obligations.

In the last year, the SEC, CFTC, FINRA and many other regulatory bodies within the US are focused on increasing market integrity and investor confidence, and regulations have become more comprehensive as a result, covering more financial instruments and trading venues. Part of this effort also includes increased focus on market manipulation and abusive behavior regarding benchmarks, which places greater burden on the oversight functions for firms, significantly increasing the cost of compliance.

RegFocus Market Surveillance (MS) helps compliance managers create a strategic approach to compliance, with comprehensive regulatory coverage and a team of regulatory experts constantly monitoring new regulatory obligations. RegFocus MS is specifically designed to reduce the risk of insider dealing and market manipulation, in accordance with rules such as SEC Rule 10b-5, CFTC Rule 180.1, and Sections 747 & 753 of Dodd-Frank. Not only is it fully equipped to monitor regulation but, it is fully scalable and easy to integrate with any existing systems that firms have in place.

“Firms across the buy-side and sell-side are facing increasingly complex regulatory mandates, that are becoming more specific in nature and, as a result, harder to maintain and ensure compliance,” says Bruno Piers de Raveschoot, COO of RIMES’ Regulatory Division. “RegFocus MS aims to provide a service that allows compliance managers and surveillance officers to have a commanding view of all of their regulatory obligations, to be able to act quickly and efficiently.”

RegFocus MS’s approach to regulatory compliance includes:

  • Data and coverage management – Comprehensive coverage including 85 global equity, commodity and derivatives trading venues and market data for over 50,000 equities, over 500,000 bonds and 14 FX fixes around 85 countries; global surveillance for OTC instruments and targeted regional alerts of jurisdictional regulatory and market-specific parameters.
  • Insider list management – Insider information portal that enables individuals or groups to report potential insiders; watch and restricted list management, warning mechanisms, timely reports on corporate actions affecting large positions and trade controls, with near-real-time reporting on exposure to firms on watch and restricted lists
  • Market manipulation and inside dealing monitoring – Framework that prevents or detects order or trades executed based on non-public information, or those intending to manipulate or disrupt the market; shows actual impact on the market benchmark or fund
  • Best execution monitoring – Monitors transactions vs. best execution policies, to enable amendments if it is not producing best outcome; extraction of data to enable the publishing of summary of analysis from monitoring of execution quality

Find out more about RegFocus MS at https://www.rimes.com/solutions/regtech-solutions/regfocus-market-surveillance/

RIMES will also be hosting a market surveillance seminar to discuss the increasingly complex regulatory landscape on June 13th in New York. For more information, please contact events@rimes.com

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