RIMES adds UBS Style Indices

RIMES, the leading integrator of financial databases serving the global investment community, has announced the addition of the UBS Style indices to the RIMES service.

Specifically designed to complement the traditional sector, market or strategy-based services, the UBS Style indices give an extra perspective to the investment process based on analysts’ company valuation or price information.

The first step in calculating the UBS Style Indices is to group stocks into characteristic portfolios according to some shared theme. These company groups are then used to generate daily price, or in some cases, total return indices, rebalancing the constituent stocks on a monthly basis. The process builds up a history, which depending on the product usually begins from the early 1990s, to give a perspective on the likely trend during different phases of the market cycle. UBS generates values for thousands of indices on a daily basis, the more common of which we are pleased to make available to you in conjunction with RIMES.

The RIMES service can deliver these indices a part of the SmartFilesTM service for input into existing systems, or as part of a desktop analytical application for research users.

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