RIMES and BI-SAM announce their partnership

RIMES Technologies, a leader in index and benchmark data management, and BI-SAM, a leading provider of performance measurement and reporting solutions, today announced their partnership to provide asset managers with easy access to the best data and performance and reporting services.

As Asset Managers’ data, analytics and reporting requirements have been evolving in the last few years, they are always on the look-out for best-of-breed solutions. At the same time, a few buyside specialist vendors have continued to develop their expertise in these areas and are now recognised as market leaders.

This is particularly true of BI-SAM and RIMES, with their expertise in performance measurement and reporting, and benchmark data management. Having already built a joint interface, BI-SAM and RIMES are now working together to provide their clients with tighter integration between their two solutions as well as innovative new offerings.

“We are very happy to be working closely with RIMES, which provides a very high quality benchmark data service to its clients around the world. Both BI-SAM and RIMES have been awarded Best Solution in their specific areas of expertise for the last four consecutive years at the Waters Buyside Technology Awards so this partnership makes perfect sense. This is the first step in the development of a new offer BI-SAM will launch in the coming months, combining high quality data, the awarded B-One capabilities and an experts team dedicated to our clients.”, commented Alexandre Harkous, CEO of BI-SAM.

Christian Fauvelais, CEO and co-founder of RIMES added, “We are delighted to be partnering with BI-SAM, one of the leading performance measurement and reporting solutions providers, to provide their clients with immediate, direct access to the full suite of index and benchmark data on RIMES via the award winning RIMES Benchmark Data Service®.

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