RIMES Announces Agenda for RIMES II Data Governance Conference in NY

RIMES has announced the agenda for the second annual Data Governance Conference in New York on October 23rd at the newly renovated NASDAQ Marketsite.  This is an opportunity for asset managers, custodian banks, pension funds, insurance companies and other asset owners to explore insights, news and opinions with other industry leaders.

7:30am – Registration and Breakfast

8:00am – RIMES Introduction

Session I – Macroeconomic View On Index and Benchmark Data Industry

Speaker: John Jacobs, Executive Vice President of Global Information Services, NASDAQ

Session II – The Data Challenge: Re-Inventing Best Practices

Speaker: Mary Knox, Research Director, Gartner

  • A single version of the truth is neither achievable nor desirable.
  • A singular approach and absolute centralization of data management is not the answer.
  • Data Management is not Data Governance.

Session III – The Benefits and Challenges of Managing a Hybrid Data Infrastructure

Speaker: Brett Schechterman, Executive Director and Global Head of Fixed Income Platform Solutions, UBS Global Asset Management

  • Pros and cons of implementing the hybrid model.  How and why it can be difficult to change given existing data management set-ups and how hybrid helps.  We will be covering the various obstacles to overcome such as internal politics, organization resistance and more.
  • Challenging the single version of the truth. Multiple views are a reality already but can cause issues about control and ownership of the data. How does one allow for multiple views and maintain control while giving back ownership of the data to the true users?

9:45am – Coffee and Refreshments

Session IV- Total Cost of Ownership

Speaker: Shankar Subramanian, Principal, Cutter Associates

  • This presentation reveals the findings from an in-depth study of market data costs, recently completed by Cutter Associates LLC.  It provides insights into the true costs of market data, beyond licensing costs, and into the different challenges firms face in tracking these costs. The presentation also spotlights preferred practices in data management that firms can use to more effectively manage these costs. 

Session V – The Impact of Regulations on Data Management

Speaker: David Blaszkowsky, Senior Vice President, Head of Data Governance, State Street Bank

Session VI – New Developments in Data Governance Services: Understanding the Impact of Adopting a Hybrid Model

Speaker: Steve Cheng, Global Head of Data Management Solutions, RIMES Technologies

There is a growing trend on the buy-side toward adopting managed data services for selected aspects of data management.

  • What impact does the adoption of a hybrid data management model have on emerging data governance best practices?
  • How can the managed data service provider support and enable data governance in this environment?
  • How do you build a business case for adopting managed data services when ascertaining “the true cost of market data” is problematic.
  • How can managed data service providers assist buy-side firms in managing the TCO (total cost of ownership) for data?

12:00pm: RIMES Close

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