RIMES announces availability of MSCI GIMI

This new integrated IMI family results from a series of enhancements to the methodology of the market leading MSCI International Equity Indices, including a move from a sampled approach to one that offers investors a consistent and global framework, which can be used to segment the global investable equity universe by size, style and industry.

Existing MSCI Index Products have been enhanced and new modules have been introduced to reflect these changes. Current MSCI Core Modules will now include new Large and Mid Cap Indices, as well as the MSCI Provisional Indices, designed to help you transition from the existing indices at a time that suits you.

New Small Cap Modules for the Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific are also being launched, complementing the existing MSCI Small Cap Indices for the Developed Markets. All Small Cap modules will now include Value and Growth indices and style data as well as All Country Sector (ACS) information.

The details of the MSCI Global Investable Market Indices methodology and the plan for transitioning the MSCI Standard and Small Cap Indices to the methodology involved a two-phase transition implemented as of the close of November 30, 2007 and the close of May 30, 2008, respectively.

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