RIMES Data Governance Conference

In a business environment where ever-increasing volumes of data are sourced, the questions buy-side firms are asking are how do you keep data quality high and total costs manageable, while still conforming to ever-tightening regulatory controls?

To explore the issues around these questions, last October benchmark data expert RIMES hosted a Data Governance Conference (DGC) in London and New York with specialist investment management consultancy, Investit.

Tackling the business case for data governance, regulatory issues, best practice and the market data management challenges, the conference gave delegates an insight into the complexities of data governance and offered solutions to ensure firms improve their efficiency and profitability while staying on the right side of the industry regulators.

The conference also served as a launch for the RIMES Data Governance Best Practice Handbook, a step-by-step guide detailing how firms can improve their benchmark management capabilities by building a robust structure for data governance.


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