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RIMES Data Sources Related to Asian Markets

RIMES Data Sources Related to Asian Markets

RIMES international data coverage includes indices and constituents from counties, provinces, and regions world-wide, including asian-related data from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Data asset classes include equities, fixed income, convertibles, fundamental data, earnings estimates, reference data, and alternative investments (currencies, derivatives, properties, hedge fund data, etc.). Further breakdowns are sometimes made within the asset classes into growth stocks, value stocks, market capitalizations (small, medium, large) and various types of fixed income such as government bonds, corporate bonds and municipal bonds.

Besides Thomson-related data sources for Asian markets, RIMES also hosts the following indices with asian market components:

  • Equity Benchmarks: China Securities Index (CSI), Dow Jones Islamic Titans (Market Asia/Pacific Shariah Titans Index), Euromoney Indices (South East Asia Smaller Companies Index), FTSE Bursa Malaysia Index Series, FTSE Straits Times IndexFTSE Thailand SET Index Series, FTSE Vietnam Series, Hang Seng Index, MSCI China & MSCI Hong Kong MPF Indices, IDX Indonesia Stock Exchange, KRX Indices (Korea Exchange), Philippines Stock Exchange, S&P BRIC Indices, S&P Citic Indices, S&P Pan Asia Indices, Taiwan Stock Exchange, Thailand Stock Exchange Indices, Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Indices
  • Fixed Income Benchmarks: Chinabond Indices, FTSE Hong Kong Treasury Indices, J.P. Morgan Asia Credit Indices, KOBI Fixed Income Index, Malaysian Bond Indices, Markit iBoxx Asia Indices, Nomura Bond Performance Indexes, Thai Bond Market Association, UOB Stock & Bond Indices
  • Alternative Investments: ANREV Indices (non-listed Real Estate Vehicles), E. Capital Partners Indices, EurekaHedge Hedge Fund Indices, S&P Ethical Pan Asia Select Dividend Opportunities Index, Tradition Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Fundamental Data: PacificBase, Toyo Keizai Estimates, Toyo Keizai Fundamentals
  • Economic Data: CFETS CNY Central Parity Rates, HKMA Exchange Fund Bills & Notes Fixings, HKMA Renminbi Deposit Rates
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