RIMES feeds index data available in Ortec performance solution

ORTEC has expanded its PEARL solution for Performance Measurement and Attribution as ORTEC and RIMES® enter into a strategic partnership. Clients are now able to gain direct access a wide range of Indices at constituent level for both Equity and Fixed Income Benchmarks. To achieve this, ORTEC has joined forces with RIMES Technologies (RIMES), a leading provider of international financial market and index data. RIMES supplies custom daily files that are uploaded into the PEARL system. The file-creation process is managed by RIMES, who provide quality assurance over files delivered in a PEARL format, saving considerable processing time and quality management effort for mutual customers.

According to Lucas Vermeulen, Managing Director of ORTEC, there is an increasing need for more detailed performance reporting. We see a tendency to report stock-level attribution and a focus on fixed income attribution. To generate these reports our clients need high quality index data. Our partnership with RIMES enables us to offer clients a complete solution across both asset classes.

Christian Fauvelais, Managing Director of RIMES Technologies in Europe thinks that: “the recent arrival of attribution systems capable of handling both fixed-income and equity benchmarks gives us the opportunity to provide a full data management solution across all major asset-classes to our clients. We are delighted to offer a dedicated solution for ORTEC’s PEARL system”.

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