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RIMES is a winner

Late last year we were once again named “Best Data Provider to the Buy-Side”, becoming the only vendor to win in its core product category 10 years consecutively. The strength our Managed Data Service also helped us win the “Best Implementation at a Buy-Side Firm” category, recognizing our work with AXA Investment Management, one of our clients.

Additionally, we won the first ever “Outstanding Service to the Industry” award, which was created to mark this 10th year of the Buy-Side Technology Awards. The accolade reflects our 20 years of innovation and success in the buy-side managed data services market.

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Why all these accolades?

Because we make our clients’ data management challenges our focus. Over the past 20 years, we have been working with asset managers, owners and servicers to help them transform their data operations: today, we have 300+ clients in 40 countries, including 60 of the 100 largest global asset managers and 9 of the 10 largest custodians by TAUM.

Why do our clients choose to work with RIMES? Because we like to do things differently. We think it boils down to 6 reasons:

1. Our technology. 20 years ago, we pioneered cloud-based technology to deliver customized financial data to the buy-side. World-class data and the best technology remains our focus, and our proprietary technology allows us to deliver a unique service to each of our 300+ clients. All with fast, smooth implementation and seamless system integration.

2. Our people. Beyond the technology, we have the technical and financial markets expertise needed to promote success. Our fully managed services are delivered by a team of experts with unparalleled understanding of specialist data types and of the many data management challenges faced by the asset management industry today.

3. Our partnerships. We partner with all the major data vendors and systems providers, and can deliver nearly 1,000 data sources from over 200 data partners into over 60 third party solutions–and many in-house systems–in a format that is fit-for-purpose for all our clients.

4. Our award-winning service. Ours is a truly managed service – the entire data workflow is controlled by us (for you) from sourcing through to delivery. All data feeds passing through RIMES are monitored 24×7 to ensure that our clients receive only the data they want, presented according to their exact specifications. Any data quality issues are captured by our global support team and resolved as part of the service. Many of our clients like to think of us as an extension of their own data management operations.

5. Our total economic impact. One of the biggest challenges for the buy-side is to calculate the potential ROI of using an external managed service versus continuing to manage data in-house: the use and applications of data are so widespread (yet granular) so the job of ‘totaling it up’ becomes too cumbersome.  To remedy this challenge, we asked Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study on MDS. In doing so, we joined a long line of technology vendors (e.g. Google, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle, to name a few) who asked Forrester to examine the potential return on investment that enterprises may realize by deploying our services. The study comes with a calculator which can help you evaluate the potential financial impact that our managed data service can have on your organization. The projected benefits (e.g. ROI, Payback, NPV) of MDS look outstanding. Read more.

6. Our understanding of our clients’ requirements: this year we launched RIMES RegFocussm, a specialist managed service for buy-side compliance officers, designed specifically to reduce the risk of insider dealing and market manipulation in accordance with new Market Abuse Regulation Reg. EU 596/2014 and ESMA RTS. Our clients are facing very specific issues with MAR, which came into force in July 2016, greatly increasing the compliance burden and associated costs for asset management firms. The complexity of the data and the entity level for monitoring for the buy-side is very different than for the sell-side, and the reasons for market abuse are not the same. The way asset managers are measured impacts the risk of manipulation. Realizing that a typical sell-side solution will not apply for the buy-side, we developed a solution specifically for our clients. The service streamlines and simplifies all aspects of MAR compliance.

To sum up, we truly believe that partnering with RIMES means you can meet a huge and growing array of data management challenges:

  • You’ll gain improved productivity and agility from increased operational efficiency within your front, mid and back office
  • You’ll get better data quality and timeliness – for better, quicker decisions and a shorter time to market for new products
  • You’ll achieve superior compliance, risk management and mitigation, with improved data governance and ready access to our team’s expertise
  • You’ll be able to see the clear ROI and payback timescale of using RIMES.

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