RIMES to Feed FinAnalytica’s analytics platform

FinAnalytica Inc., provider of post-modern risk management and portfolio construction analytics, and RIMES Technologies Corporation, leading financial data aggregator, today announced a partnership that will allow SmartFiles, RIMES’ full-service customized data delivery solution to feed FinAnalytica’s analytics platform.

SmartFiles take the pain out of data processing, providing immediate access to over 200 premium financial sources and incorporating in-house information as easily as third-party datasets. The RIMES Global Support team’s rigorous data checking routines, both manual and automated, ensure that the data received is already validated and of the highest quality. All data sources become accessible via a single, direct data feed via the Cognity software suite. The SmartFiles file-tracking service allows users to monitor the processing and delivery of their data online, with comprehensive journaling recording real time data flows.

Christian Fauvelais, CEO of RIMES Technologies, commented: “RIMES pioneered the delivery of financial data over the Internet. We introduced SmartFiles in response to clients’ demands for something which would simplify in-house data management, leaving them to focus on their core business. Through customized file delivery, FinAnalytica will receive quality data which exactly meets the specific needs of their clients, formatted the way they want.”

FinAnalytica will use the SmartFiles service to aggregate and initially deliver over 600 branded risk factor indices from leading sources including Standard & Poor’s, Russell, MSCI, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, CBOE and Hedge Fund Research.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with RIMES,” said Doug Martin, CEO of FinAnalytica. “Integrating RIMES SmartFiles service into our platform allows us to be responsive to customer demand for high quality, timely risk factor data. Using RIMES’ best-of-breed data aggregation and delivery allows us to focus on FinAnalytica’s best-of-breed risk and portfolio construction analytics.”

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