RIMES Wins 2011 Banking & Finance ICT Innovation Award

RIMES today announced that it has won the 2011 Banking & Finance ICT Innovation Award for a project completed on behalf of a recognised, global asset manager client. The client uses RIMES as its main benchmark data provider to source and feed data into its risk management and portfolio management system.

Known as the European Platform for Financial Professionals, Banking & Finance presented the award at the 2011 Gala held last week in Brussels. “Each year we award organisations within the financial services industry for a project that has not only been deemed truly innovative and fully operational in accordance with customer satisfaction, but also has been recognised for its contributions to an organisation’s daily business routine,” said Michel Klompmaker, Publisher of Banking & Finance, “Not only did RIMES ensure data consistency between countries and across front, middle and back office operations for their client, they also allowed them to maintain data quality, control timeliness and ensure the completeness and time-to-market required by various systems in order to improve their day to day performance.”

With more than a third of the largest 100 global asset managers by TAUM as customers, RIMES BDS® is built to handle over 600 databases from over 100 data vendors. RIMES creates value for the buyside by allowing investment managers to outsource their entire data workflow, and improve the quality, speed and reliability of managing multiple benchmarks.

“We are thrilled to have won the B&F ICT Innovation Award and to be recognised for providing our customers with outstanding service and business value,” said Christian Fauvelais, CEO and co-founder of RIMES.

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