The RIMES Difference? It’s All About Service

RIMES business is centered on data. Whether that’s the index and reference data that runs through the RIMES Managed Data Services (MDS) or the regulatory monitoring information provided through our RegFocus products. Data is therefore critical to our proposition, and putting in place relationships with the right mix of data partners gives us the coverage we need to meet the data management challenges of the 350 asset managers, owners, servicers and banks we serve.

However, data is only one half of the equation. Equally important is the service wrap we put on top of that data. It’s our customer services that differentiate RIMES and allow us to provide unique, tailored data management, governance and compliance services.

The RIMES Client Services team operates across a very broad array of activities. Today, our clients rely on us for everything from sales engineering and data performance optimization to performance attribution analysis, risk management and compliance, and portfolio management. This team is responsible for carrying out in-depth checks on that data, customized to the client, to ensure it’s fit for purpose for all use cases.

The Client Services team works alongside our dedicated team of Sales Engineers. Working collaboratively with clients to understand their data challenge inside out, the Sales Engineering team take the risk out of projects and ensure that our solutions can scale rapidly to keep pace with even the fastest growing of client businesses.

A final key element of our services proposition is our Data Performance team. On the front-line of data quality assurance, our data experts do the heavy lifting of data management for our clients, working closely with data partners to ensure that only the highest quality, most accurate data finds its way into clients’ systems. This includes RIMES core strengths of benchmark and reference data as well as newer, alternative data sets, ESG data and even ETF data.

Whatever your data management challenge, RIMES’ Client Service Team can provide a bespoke solution that can scale as your business and data volumes grow. Here’s a snap shot of what makes our client services industry-leading.


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